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Special Programs

Back Rehabilitation

It has been shown that 20% or more of all Workman’s Compensation claims in the United States are related to back injuries. This represents 600,000 lost work days per year in industry. These figures are not surprising in light of statistics that show that 80% of all individuals between the ages of 20-40 will at some time have a back problem.

Research indicates that an aggressive conditioning program based on correcting flexibility, fitness and strength deficits; along with education regarding lifting, body mechanics, positioning, etc. is the method that is most successful in rehabilitation. This applies to both surgical and post-injury patients, with regard to their return to work.

Our program begins with a Comprehensive Physical Therapy Examination to determine an individual’s best course of treatment. Then each program is individualized to their particular impairments, but all contain the following general components:

  1. Educational Component: Information is provided that includes topics such as Self Care of the Back, Lifting/Body Mechanics- Preventive Care, Dietary Materials, and a Comprehensive Home Program for both during the program and after discharge.
  2. Conditioning Component: Supervised activities include Aerobic Conditioning, Flexibility Activities, Strength Conditioning and Work Simulating Tasks.
  3. Job Relationship Component: A “back-to-work” mindset is stressed through attention to and monitoring of attendance/on-time behaviors, and by constantly placing an emphasis on the patient’s responsibility in rehabilitation.

The Work Reconditioning Program is designed for patients with injuries other than back injuries, but is similar to the Back Rehabilitation Program in many ways. It shares the same basic components (education, conditioning, job relationship) with variations, of course, according to particular need. Also it shares the same focus…. teaching patients to live a productive, functional, rewarding life despite possible pain.

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