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HealthWorks Facilities

Specialized Facility and Equipment

At 8000 sq. ft, HealthWorks is the largest dedicated physical therapy facility in the area. The facility includes 7 private evaluation/treatment rooms, a large open gym area with a functional retraining wing, comfortable waiting areas and a conference room for continuing education programs.

Specializing in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, HealthWorks was designed and equipped to meet the needs of a wide range of patients.

In addition to the comfortable and functional design, HealthWorks is also equipped with the most comprehensive line of testing and rehabilitation equipment in the area.

This includes:

  • KT1000 Knee Arthrometer
  • Biodex Comprehensive Balance System
  • Biodex Leg Press for Rehabilitation
  • Cybex Isokinetic Equipment
  • UBE (Upper Body Ergometer)
  • Bounder Balance Testing System
  • BAPS (Balance Training System)
  • Knee Strengthening Machine
  • Neck and Shoulder Rehabilitation Units
  • Treadmills, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes
  • Universal Weight System
  • Golf Swing Trainer
  • Routine modalities including traction, ultrasound, Jobst vasocompression, biofeedback, etc.
  • Educational media

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