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Referring Physician Information


Patients are most easily referred by phone from your office (local: 369-7878; or 1-800-488-5637). The patient may then bring a hard copy of your referral to their first appointment.

Initial Evaluation
At their first visit, each patient is given a thorough Initial Examination, after which a complete report will be dictated and sent to you, the referring physician. Impairments found during examination will dictate the plan of care and goals.

You can expect periodic re-evaluation reports throughout the patient’s program with us. In particular, a re-evaluation with all relevant re-measurements will be completed just prior to the patient’s return visit to you. This ensures that you have all the relevant objective data about their progress in-hand when you see them again.

We appreciate the confidence you, as the referring physician, show in referring your patient to us. It is our goal to progress each patient appropriately and keep you informed every step of the way. In order to have the flexibility to do this, it is our clinic policy to only accept referrals that specify “Evaluate and Treat as Appropriate”. Please be sure to “check” that on our referral slip or include it if you use your own documentation.

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